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Affirmations and meditations for a peaceful pregnancy

Trying for a baby and being pregnant can be one of the most wonderful and exciting times of a woman’s life.

Conception and pregnancy can be challenging for your body as you do your best to create a healthy environment to grow a baby. Maintaining a peaceful and positive mindset can be difficult as you deal with morning sickness, aches and pains and the uncertainty of what giving birth with mean for you and what life might be like after when your new baby enters the world.

Affirmations and meditation can play an enormous role in supporting you to be calm and empowered throughout the ups and downs of pregnancy. By actively encouraging your mind to focus on and create positive approaches to pregnancy, you are giving yourself and your baby the very best chance to enjoy a more relaxed and loving time as you grow together.

Benefits of affirmations

Affirmations are things that we say, think or feel about ourselves and our lives which we believe to be true. They can have very powerful effects on our lives in either positive or negative ways.

With positive affirmations, you can shape your experience of life and opinions of yourself that empower you to be happy and successful. The affirmations in this app are designed to help you create an inspiring, loving and gentle approach towards yourself, your baby and your pregnancy. Use them every day to give yourself a new perspective or emotional support, especially when dealing with the challenges of being pregnant. You can read through the affirmations according to trimester or topic. You can also use the Daily Affirmation tool to set up a regular time everyday to reflect on an affirmation relevant to your trimester.

Affirmation reminders

Help yourself to stay calm and positive throughout your pregnancy by using the affirmation reminders. You can choose to receive affirmations based on your stage of pregnancy, how often you would like to receive them at at what time of the day.

Benefits of meditation

Mediation during pregnancy is a great way to reduce stress, give your mind and body an opportunity to relax, refresh and to connect emotionally and spiritually with your baby.

When you meditate, you can help yourself to let go of concerns and focus on the well being yourself and your baby. Regular meditation breaks can vastly improve your mental and emotional ability to deal with challenges and maintain confidence and inner peace.

Everything flows more easily in your body when you are deeply relaxed. Mediation is known to lower your blood pressure, slow and deepen your breathing, release tension in muscles and organs and improve the quality of your sleep.

The mediations in this app have been developed to address the common concerns and needs of women at various times during pregnancy and strengthen your connection with your baby.

You can use these meditations whenever you feel stressed, tired or just open to enjoying a new, beautiful experience with your baby.

Choose to listen to meditations with a selection of peaceful and inspiring ambient music with natural sounds including gently breaking waves, bird song, running water in a stream, pebbles being thrown into water, rustling grass in wind, breeze rustling leaves of trees, water fountain.


"I really like this app. I was very much into relaxation and meditation when I was pregnant. I loved the meditation part, I felt that I really began to connect with the baby. Your app recreates this mediation and would be easy for people to do themselves after a busy day at work.

I also used visualisation meditation during labour - your part about the forest beach walk was so similar to what I visualised every contraction. It was what got me through those 33 hours. It was the only thing that got me through it. If others can train themselves to do the same type of thing, it would certainly make labour easier.

Also the breathing exercises we did in class (similar to your Progressive muscle relaxation section and peaceful birth) was important in getting the breathing right for labour and not panicking. Training yourself to breath properly and relax is an essential tool."

Karen S, mother of two beautiful girls.

"I feel so relaxed after reading your mediations and affirmations!! They are all absolutely wonderful! I wish I could be more critical to make myself feel a worthy contributor but they don’t need any improvements!"

Belinda P, Midwife and Medical Liaison Associate at a Major Fertility Clinic

"Peaceful Pregnancy helped me to feel calm and confident during my pregnancy. I used the daily affirmations to keep me positive and I enjoyed focussing on my baby during the meditations."